A key advantage of NPK fertilizer blends is that they can be readily formulated as recommended by agricultural scientists to enhance the output of crops by ensuring a balanced, specific, and exclusive blend of plant nutrients. All the major plant nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash are mixed in different ratios to make it suitable for specific crops. To achieve specification in our NPK formulation, we will be collaborating with third parties such as the Plateau State Ministry of Agriculture, Plateau Agricultural Development Program, and other tertiary research institutions for soil/crop NPK blends that will ensure maximum yield. Some of the standard blends include: NPK 15.15.15, NPK 27.13.13, NPK 20.10.10, NPK 12.12.17, NPK 21.13.8, NPK 16.20.10, NPK 16.20.10, NPK 11.22.16, NPK 12.12.12.