Plateau Duncan Fertilizer Plant is an 80t/h NPK Fertilizer Blending Plant. The facility seats on 6.7 hectares of land. The inbuilt facilities includes:

  1.  A main factory building complex of 40 meter x 60 meter x 10 meter eves height housing the fully automated 80tones/hour NPK Bulk  Blending Plant, Packing Line, Laboratory, changing room and production offices.
  2. An entry and exit drive through 60 Ton Weigh Bridge of 12 x 3 meter Platform just after the main gate. 
  3. A finished product storage warehouse, enabled for efficient truck loading
  4. A raw material storage warehouse, enabled for efficient truck unloading
  5. An administrative block with a canteen, a clinic and sells outlet.
  6. An ultramodern Fire-bay with provision for multiple fire trucks and emergency response
  7. A fully equipped Police Station, with provision for both male and female inmates   
  8. A residential apartments
  9. 1000KVA Generator to compliment the electricity provided by the 11KV electricity supply from the 1000KVA transformer substation installed within the facility.
  10. A water borehole facility with large overhead tank to  support the activities of the factory.  
  11. The factory, raw material and finished product warehouses. 
  12. An extensive perimeter wall fence with state-of-the-art security fixtures and a gate house that opens to the major access road.
  13. A joint-force security outpost to be situated adjacent the facility on the main Road.